Centre Pompidou-Metz

Newly opened in the Spring of 2010, the Centre Georges Pompidou has a posh new location: Metz.

Walking along the elegant streets of residential Metz approaching the train station, any innocent pedestrian would cross under the bridge and walk straight into an enigma amongst classic beauty. A colossal white structure plopped down from cosmic underworld, one can speechlessly wonder, is it a space station? Is it a bread box? Why no, it’s a modern art museum.

For those lovers of modern art, this is the place to be. The museum starts with the theme of the chef d’oeuvre, explaining its history and continuing with examples throughout the entirety of the exposition. Drawing in definitions from authors and directors as well as artists, it brings into question the significance of value and innovation (something most people struggle with in a modern art museum).

One of my favorite pieces was from Ben, a French artist whose care-free style made me chuckle. The piece, called Boutique, was a formerly functioning store in Nice, transported to the museum. It was made entirely out of recycled materials, filled with books and bells and rubber duckies. One’s eye is constantly flickering from one thing to another, indulging in spotting witty novelties.

Ben Vaultier

Ben Vaultier


Another area of interest was the history of the architecture of art museums in France. One could truly appreciate the work that went into the design of the building. Even if you turn your nose up in disgust at modern art, you must visit the museum to see the views of Metz. As the visit continues from the floor up, at each new level you get a new appreciation for the city. The backdrop is perfectly framed so that it too, becomes another piece in the gallery.

The perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday, I highly recommend a visit to Centre Pompidou-Metz. Just be sure to stop by Verdun on your way 🙂