Do you like money? How about sharp business suits and pointy-toed European dress shoes? How you ever wanted to live in one of the richest countries in the world?

Luxembourg might be the place for you.

Wednesday I was treated by my French friends to a trip to Luxembourg! It was fabulous!

quels beaux gosses!

When I lived in the south of France, I visited Monaco. Similar to the city of Lux(e), it was extravagant and stately. I would compare Luxembourg to Monaco, in that they are both logistical anomalies. Both small, entirely surrounded by other countries, you can find beautiful cars, lots of banks, and exorbitant shops. Luxembourg is the northern version – a little more urban and a little more modern.

I loved walking around old Luxembourg, following the small streets to the palace, and watching as the guard sternly passed back and forth. A much smaller version of the Beefeaters in England, I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble as I snapped a picture.

Then we were passing by Longchamp, Zadag and Voltaire, and Mauboussin; picking out our future engagement rings and briefcases for our future lucrative careers (ok, the engagement rings were more me than the boys).

Because it was raining and cold, the day ended with a steamy coffee, thawing our freezing fingers. The room filled with smoke – Luxembourg is one of the few places where it is still legal to smoke in cafés! It’s the little things, really…

Of course, before we headed back to Nancy for the evening, we stopped at the gas station to fill up on essence and drinks – both cheaper in Luxembourg. I couldn’t believe I made it to another country and back in one single day! Little did I know, I would be in Germany the next day.

Gotta love the north of France 🙂

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