7 thoughts on “fab philly review

  1. Shannon says:

    hey! Thanks for the comment 🙂 LOVING your blog. It’s so incredible you did this. The organization I work for his historically German and 95% of my coworkers speak it fluently and my boss is flying out Saturday for Berlin. Weird that you were just there. Anyways … keep up the good work and I’ll definitely keep reading!

    • fabuleuxdestinbrenna says:

      Thanks for the sweet comment! Yes I was in Saarbrucken this past week, but I’m dying to get to Berlin. Do you think you’ll get to go? Do you speak German? I find it’s such a hard language! Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. Hart's Smiling All Over the World says:

    Nice! Didn’t know Phila had so much to offer and more cuisine than just cheese steaks and hoagies 🙂

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