the farmer in the dell??

On Friday, I gave my students some candy for Halloween, yelled Bonnes Vacances, and skipped merrily back home. It’s vacation time people! What? What’s that you say? I just started working three weeks ago? I couldn’t possible have a two week vacation ALREADY? Yes, yes, I know it’s unfair. But c’est la vie.

So what am I going to do on this vacation? Well, isn’t it obvious? Volunteer on a farm in les Vosges of course. I am living my dream (or maybe my pseudo-dream…if in my dream world I liked animals and became one with nature) and milking cows, making jam, and sleeping on haystacks. If I am lucky I will even get to make cheese!

For one week I will be living with a family on a farm; in exchange for a few hours of labor they will be providing me with food and lodging. They own a really charming bed and breakfast in the middle of a national park. Hopefully I will be speaking tons of French, gathering age-old family recipes, and hiking through the wilderness! I will just consider this week a time for investigative journalism.

Other plans for the vacation include sipping Champagne (in Champagne)! Due to the fact that I will be on a farm…in the wilderness…I won’t be able to update my blog. Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone! a bientôt…

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