la grève

The inevitable has happened. I have experienced a grève, or strike. French people taking to the streets, to express their distaste for  political change, or lackthereof. This one refers to la retraite. In France, Sarkozy has changed the age of retirement from 60 to 62. This has caused French people to stop working and complain, leaving me isolated in Verdun for the weekend with no outgoing trains. It has also lead to a series of ranting French students outside my window. Students are worried that by keeping employees on the payroll for longer will take away from their job opportunities. Not only has this effected my weekend, but also some of my classes have been cancelled – I have not even met some of my students yet because of the grève!

All I can say is, the greve is the culture of France. It is normal to take to the streets and skip work. I must learn to embrace it if I want to fit in here for the next 9 months…or maybe just buy some earplugs and a moped.

2 thoughts on “la grève

  1. Fred says:

    No worries. It only happens once or twice a year. It’s just some French formal inconvenience, an absolutely annoying parenthesis in your fabuleux destin. Other countries would tell that if taking to the streets or going on a strike was a Olympic sport, France would surely win loads of gold medals (at least we’re good somewhere but that’s another story …).
    I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with that for a whole year 🙂

    Bon courage Brenna. Sois patiente !

    • fabuleuxdestinbrenna says:

      Merci Fred! Ha I like to joke about grève making me mad, but you know I wouldn’t be in France if I didn’t love it so! Et comment ca va en Angleterre?? T’as un blog!? I would love to hear about how your experience is going!

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