au marché

I love the marché. I love watching little old French ladies small talk with their favorite fermier. I love gouter, tasting cheese and saucissons and pineapple. I love walking around with a baguette hanging out of my purse, even if the end part is missing. I love the hustle and bustle of people, couples and babies and dogs, all socializing and doing the bise. I love unpacking my panier, filled with apples, pumpkins, and potatoes.

Fall is here in France…and chez vous?

2 thoughts on “au marché

  1. Elise Mulvaney says:

    Hi Bren! Love all the beautiful food. Right now I’ve been decorating for fall with lots of squash and pumpkins and my traditional (every time the Phils are in the playoffs!) Ghost/Philly guy effigy in the front yard! Ghost head with a Phillies’ shirt on and baseball pants (all stuffed), and plopped on the stone wall. Miss you!

    • fabuleuxdestinbrenna says:

      Thanks mom! Send me a picture if you have one so I can show my kiddies! On Tuesday I taught them “mom” and “dad,” but they weren’t satisfied and wanted to know your first name and what you looked like. I told them Elise, and there were a few Elises in class! Also, when I asked the guy at the market if I could take pictures, he asked me why and I told him to show my mom! haha Then he said you have to come visit and pictures won’t be good enough 🙂

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