After an emotional parting with Fifi (it was a love/hate relationship really), we dropped the car off in Metz and headed to Verdun. When I got into Verdun Monday night, I was a little bit worried. The town seemed dark and, for lack of a better word, ugly. But when I woke up on Friday morning, I realized I had nothing to worry about. I walked to work and passed by the bakeries, all along the river Meuse that runs through town. It is a small town for sure, but there are some really beautiful spots.

View from my bathroom window early one morning

A little bit about my apartment – I live in a Middle School. Yes, that’s right. You turn right after the nurses office, and there is the entrance to my flat. However, the building is old and beautiful (built in 1890), and I have a huge room with wooden floors and high ceilings. Yes, there are teenagers in the courtyard at lunch time, and they are in their mean stage. I have not had any run-ins with them yet. Although I have been confronted with teachers smoking in the corridor outside our entrance while I was in my zebra-striped pajama bottoms.

One cool thing about our town is that we are known for our beer! We have our own brewery here in Verdun, called l’Estaminet. There are also lots of tapist beers in the area. What is that you ask? Why, it’s beer brewed by monks living in France. One of our first nights here we went out to get a beer with our landlord, M. D, who has been an awesome friend and help to us as we are getting used to Verdun.

C and E drinking some local beer

College Buvignier Courtyard

Fall in Verdun has been surprisingly beautiful! Today I ran along the river and relaxed as the colorful trees urged me on. Really, outside of our town is nothing but cows, goats, and farms. I cannot wait to explore more.

Have you ever left a big city to move to rural France? Leave me a comment or email me at

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