sweet escape

So today, I almost ran off with a baby!

It all started off a normal day, our first real weekend in Verdun, and all we wanted to do was escape our little town. So, after studying the cryptic and frustrating time table for the trains, we were off to Nancy for the day for the jazz festival! We attended on a special day of the festival, poor person’s day. That’s right, all of the concerts today were free! Yay for us!


As we hopped on the train in Verdun, we thought all would go smoothly on our journey, only needing to make one stop in Jarny. Fools! Fools we were. After sitting on the quai and realizing the next train would not arrive for two hours to take us to Nancy (minor miscalculation on the time schedule) we decided to make the best of it and explore Conflans-Jarny. Let me just remind you that today is Sunday. Dimanche. Oh, I could rant to you about dimanche. On dimanche, nothing is open. No café, no supermarket, no pharmacie, no monoprix (France’s target), no nothing. The town was eerily quiet…

Well, we walk into a café that appears to be open, and what do we find? Ten old, creepy, dirty, smelly, old French men drinking beers at eleven am, and a BABY! This baby was no ordinary baby, she came running right up to me and demanded I pick her up! How could I not? Admist the urging of old men, I scooped that girl right up and gave her a hug. She was a gros bébé, according to the old men, 3 kilos and only 18 months old! We sat and played with her for almost two hours, as the creepy men watched us and called us zeee girls from zeee United States.

After a terrible parting with the baby – bartender father could not control her screams  – we were off to Nancy. Quelle belle ville! A beautiful fall day awaited us, as we met up with some other English-speaking assistants and got a tour of this beautiful city. The main area, place Stanislas, is absolutely exquisite. That day, they had an earth appreciation exposition going on. The whole place was filled with beautiful flowers, vegetables, and green sculpture! It was breathtaking. The concert was in Park de la Pépinière, and we strolled through the rose garden while munching on baguettes and crepes. We loved the band called Saxitude. They played everything from aux champs elysée to Thriller by the MJ! I have never seen French people so loose! And they weren’t even drinking! Everyone was jamming and having a good time. We didn’t even stick out as crazy Americans, all though we could sing along to the words of all the songs.

Babies, music, baguette, friends, is the definition of a bonne dimanche. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday? Leave a comment!

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