to pack…or not to pack.

it is eleven twenty. i leave tomorrow. i have not started packing.

Why why why!!! do I do this to myself. How am I supposed to cram nine months worth of things into two tiny suitcases, each weighing under fifty pounds!?!? doesn’t british airways know anything about French fashion? My mother keeps telling me that I need to wear half of my wardrobe with me…on the plane.  At first this seemed unreasonable. Now I think it is genius. I am trying to figure out a way to wear not only one pair, but two pairs of boots simultaneously. Ideas ?

What I am NOT packing, listed from most depressing down.

1. My flavia. A delightful and practical gift given to me by my best friend’s parents, this coffee machine gives me daily morning joy as I rush out of bed to brew a fresh cup of capaccino, french vanilla, or columbia coffee. My sanity.

2. My television with American TV. GLEEKS everywhere, I am missing the Britney Spears episode next week! HELP!

3. all of my fabulous short-sleeved, colorful, happy, clothing. goodbye, sweet warm temperatures. hello, frigid verdun. average daily temperature of…freezing. Also, goodbye to my sweatpants, yoga clothes, and t-shirts. If I wore you in France I would be excommunicated.

4. My books. Since I most likely will not have television and internet, I would love to bring a big old stack of reading to catch up on. However, books weigh too much, and I have already packed Goodnight Moon and If you Give A Moose A Muffin for my kiddies to read!

Do you have any book recommendations? have you ever experienced a packing nightmare!? email me at

8 thoughts on “to pack…or not to pack.

  1. Grace! says:

    I enjoy the fact that your Flavia is the first thing you’re sad about not packing, I may have even “laughed out loud” ….. yep that was corny, but true!

  2. allison says:

    bren!!! i had no idea you were leaving to go to france!!! that is SO wonderful. all the luck in the world to you. i am forever jealous of people’s ability to travel. enjoy it, learn a lot, and i can’t wait to keep up with your journey 🙂

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