welcome to the real world

first step…installing wordpress? As a college graduate, and A student in intro to computers, I am utterly dumbfounded by the complexity of the wordpress. I really have not stayed up on twitter or technology, shame shame on me.  I loved keeping a blog when I studied abroad in Southern France – it was a great way to express myself creatively, as well as share my experiences living in another country. So, as a currently unemployed, broke, 22 year old, I am going to share my thoughts on life with you! I promise I can occasionally be witty.

I graduated just one week ago, from a small university in Washington, DC, called the Catholic University of America. I had the best four years there; I loved studying politics, French, literature, philosophy, and theology. I loved being a student and I know I will go back to graduate school in the near future! I was most sad to leave Mullen – our library. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – NERD ALERT! But something about my little spot on the third floor made tears well in my eyes when I left for the last time. There is so much I want to learn, and I know it will be a challenge to motivate myself outside the university setting.

Besides my beloved library, there are many other things I will miss about college. First of all, my friends! It is amazing how quickly I became attached to my best friends. I think I realized how important they are to me when I was sitting at the doctor’s office, penciling them in as my emergency contact. Suddenly, when you are living without the guidance of your family for the first time, your friends morph into your family. I am one lucky girl to have found such a supportive and loving group very early into my college career. We have gone shopping, partied, gossiped, and been through lots and lots of boys – but we have also been there for each other when things really were tough. One of the true joys in life is good friendships, and I try and hold good ones dear to my heart.

Now, for the more materialistic advantages to being a college student: free time, drink specials, little responsibility, free gym memberships, unlimited access to cute boys, internships, art class, and the cafeteria. Hello preparing all of my meals. Goodbye salad bar, I shall miss you and your daily fresh produce (although you were occasionally filled with bugs, I never let that get to me).

Although I am excited for “the places i’ll go” and the “next chapter,” I am also scared about facing the real world. I know I am perfectly capable, and I am more prepared than most people, but if we want to get astrological I am a Taurus and have always hated change. I refused to visit colleges because I was so scared of leaving the only place I’d ever known. If you know me, this sounds crazy, because I am always up for adventuring. But I can’t help it. C’est moi.

As for my next steps, I am going to San Francisco for the first time next week with my mom. I am so excited to spend time with her, as well as visit a new city. As a loyal and devoted Full House fan (didn’t everyone have an Uncle Jesse barbie doll? with leather pants and a guitar?) I feel I am almost making a pilgrimage.

After my vacation, I am headed down to DC to live for the summer and attempt to make lots and lots of money. I’m saving for my move to northern France in late September. For the 2010-2011 school year, I’ll be teaching English in an elementary school in France! Although this is exciting, the idea of saving lots of money seems daunting, because as of now I have lots of bills to pay, and no job. I know things will pan out – because I am going to make things happen once I get to DC…or else 😉

This first post seems very long, and with longevity comes disinterest, so I’ll cut myself off for now. Only a week gone by and I have already missed writing this much! Thank goodness for blogs…

brenna (right) the grad

cua graduation